Why You Need Two or More Cameras for Your Event?

There is something special about watching a wedding and see the groom’s face as the bride comes down the aisle. That is a special moment that the bride and the groom will never forget. it is a special moment for a videographer to capture as well. There is a big difference between filming a wedding with one camera versus having two cameras.

Two Different Perspectives

Let us take a wedding as an example, the videographer can have one camera set on the bridal party coming down the aisle while the other camera is focus on the groom. This will make a very smooth transition during post to show the groom as the bridal party comes down the aisle. The main reason to have two cameras at the wedding is for the videographer to capture the bride as she comes down the aisle and use the other camera to capture groom’s reaction.

The highlight of the wedding is the bride and the groom coming together to express their vows and commitment to each other. The people at the wedding are the witness. Therefore, it is important for the videographer to capture the people at the wedding as well.


Backup, backup, and backup. I cannot stress the importance of having a second camera as a backup. This shares the same value as having two memory cards during the wedding. One memory card can be use to film the event while the other is use as a backup. Therefore, it is important for the videographer to have an additional camera, a third one. It safe to know that the videographer has two cameras during your wedding. If one camera stops working, the other camera can be use to film the rest of the wedding.

Better Editing During Post

The wedding is one of many parts a wedding videographer has to complete. The fun starts after the wedding. The videographer now has more flexibility due to the different angles that were captured. It makes editing a lot easier and a better transition during scenes. Also, a videographer can use his or her multi-camera skills to show different perspectives throughout the wedding. This will results in better wedding highlights, ceremony, and reception of your wedding. We can say that two is better than one. It is important for a videographer to have two to three cameras to film a wedding.