Your Love Story Package

A wedding videography package that will last forever. Relive every moment of your wedding day.

The Love Story

Relive every moment of your wedding day!

Love Story Features:

wedding videography - bride preparation videos

Bride Preparation

A special moment prior to the wedding ceremony, your wedding preparation.

wedding videography - groom preparation

Groom Preparation

The special moment prior to the groom's special day, the preparation.

wedding videography with full length wedding ceremony

Family and Guest Interviews

Our team excels in storytelling, weaving together the interviews to create a beautiful narrative that reflects the love, support, and joy surrounding your union. We focus on the unique connections and personalities, ensuring that the final product is a heartfelt and genuine representation.

wedding videography packages with full length reception

Full Length Reception

The first dance, cutting the cake, and other special moments are meticulously filmed to showcase the unique character of your celebration. We pay attention to the details, ensuring that these significant moments are beautifully framed and immortalized. Contact us today for more information.

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